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    2019-10-22 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Yeah, it's been tracked to a lot of the illegal devices because they're not regulated. That's why we're calling for regulation. We're calling for more states to

  • Fox News:Ŭ˷(1)

    2019-10-18 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    So Joining me now, Nick Kovacevich who is the CEO of KushCo Holdings, a company that sells vaping devices. Thank you. I appreciate you being here and you know, talking about this.

  • Fox News:ŮԱػþѡʽ(2)

    2019-10-15 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Earlier this week the wife of Tim Mynett filed court paperwork, claiming her husband had an affair with Omar while serving as an advisor to her congressional campaign. Then last ni

  • Fox News:ŮԱػþѡʽ(1)

    2019-10-14 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Well Congresswoman Ilhan Omar working to evade the press, dismissing questions of an alleged affair and misuse of campaign funds as stupid after she was confronted by reporters in

  • Fox News:"ж"75(2)

    2019-09-30 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Well, that spirit definitely got you through a lot. So, tell me you had -- So, I thought parachute troop, parachute warfare, or the use of parachutes to get troops into a strategic

  • Fox News:"ж"75

    2019-09-26 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    So, this week marks the 75th anniversary of Operation Dragoon often called the forgotten invasion of World War II. The mission was intended to coincide with D-Day but it got delaye

  • Fox News:ٲؿĶһԡʢʱ

    2019-09-18 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Breaking news tonight on the $250 million defamation lawsuit that was filed by Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann against the Washington Post to federal judges has just i

  • Fox News:ַû˽50Ԫ(2)

    2019-09-02 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Here now, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, a member of the Senate judiciary committee. Senator, always good to have you here. Thank you for coming in tonight. Thank you, Martha.

  • Fox News:ַû˽50Ԫ(1)

    2019-08-30 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Facebook hit with a record-setting $5 billion fine from the FTC for violating the privacy of its users and mishandling their data, surprise, surprise. The social media giant has si

  • Fox News:˹͡:ĸԱ

    2019-08-01 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    So, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins began their historic mission launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Fox News correspondent Krist

  • Fox News:˹̸ֳ͡˿(2)

    2019-08-01 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    If that doesn't rise to the level where an officer believes it would meet the threshold of being hazardous or dangerous, we won't have the opportunity to try and gain volun

  • Fox News:˹̸ֳ͡˿(1)

    2019-07-26 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Joining me now, as promised, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley. Chief Manley, good to have you with us tonight, thank you very much for being here. Good evening. Thank you. How woul

  • Fox News:ˡ:Դŷ(2)

    2019-07-25 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    America is leading the world in the reduction of energy-related emissions. I mean, that's a great story. It's one that we ought to be parroting and talking about and being

  • Fox News:ˡ:Դŷ(1)

    2019-07-23 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    President Trump today touting the successes of his administration's efforts to promote a healthy environment arguing interestingly that he says a robust economy and clean energ

  • Fox News:Ϳֹͣ۶˶Ь(2)

    2019-07-23 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Let's look at this Gallup poll on U.S. pride which was also, which was kind of depressing which shows that the patriotism is on the decline in the United States. What do you at

  • Fox News:Ϳֹͣ۶˶Ь(1)

    2019-07-23 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Nike is dropping their Betsy Ross inspired shoe that they created for the Fourth of July, logical, right? After endorser and former NFL player Colin Kaepernick picked up the phone

  • Fox News:ǷŮī߾(2)

    2019-07-23 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    You know, I mean -- I mean, I'm wondering about his staff, because they obviously were very disgruntled with Bill Barr's assessment. And you know, sort of nudge, perhaps, n

  • Fox News:ǷŮī߾(1)

    2019-07-23 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    I'm joined now by Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Chairman, good to see you tonight. Thank you for being here. Thank you. So, I want to get first y

  • Fox News:סһӮϿݵ(2)

    2019-07-02 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    The only way for Democrat to win is if the Republican Party is fractured. That's how we lost our state -- last statewide race. Jim Rex won superintendent of education because R

  • Fox News:סһӮϿݵ(1)

    2019-06-28 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Here now is Trey Gowdy, former South Carolina congressman and House oversight committee chair, now a Fox News contributor. Trey, good to see you tonight. Thank you for being here.

  • Fox News:ǹҴ۱ȡѧʸ(2)

    2019-06-27 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    It was his Google doc that emerged and these were comments that he made before that shooting ever took place, he used the n-word multiple times. He included the phrase killing all

  • Fox News:ǹҴ۱ȡѧʸ(1)

    2019-06-25 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    At that time, it was really a friend group where who could say the most shocking thing and the most extreme thing for the sake of shock value. I'm extremely sorry for it. And I

  • Fox News:ˡ˹Τγɵ˳(2)

    2019-06-20 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    What do you, what do you take away from the actual content of what the president said in that interview? A couple of things, number one, I don't know what's meant by the wo

  • Fox News:ˡ˹Τγɵ˳(1)

    2019-06-19 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    They have information. I think I'd take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I'd go maybe to the FBI, if I thought there was something wrong. That was President Trum

  • Fox News:¾μŵ׵½ϱ(2)

    2019-06-17 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Yeah, and there was Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post, wrote that Donald, "If Donald Trump was president," she wrote, "in 1944, D-Day never would have happened. How do journalist

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